New campaign & hashtag – #myMLMdream


We’re asking people who have left or are in the process of leaving their MLM to send us pics of their unsold product.  Maybe it’s still in boxes.  Maybe it’s hidden in your garage, your spare bathroom, under your bed, in a cupboard.  Wherever it is, it can help others now and we want to see it.

We’ll share your photos across our social media either anonymously or not, whatever you prefer.   We’d love a quote from you as to how this photo makes you feel.

Here’s our first photo, uploaded yesterday:





When IT Works turned out to be a Church


You’ve paid for your tickets. You’re pumped. You arrive at the big conference for the MLM you’ve joined – IT Works, ready for some networking and business-building tips.




You haven’t joined a business.  You’ve joined a Church. 

And nobody told you.

(ps. if anyone is thinking of removing this vid, we’ve already downloaded it.  you’re welcome).




Luckily for us, an informer has come forward to explain how the It Works UK team deliberately keeps the church element hidden.   They do it this way:  by tagging, on FB, every video, or meme, that is NON-churchy about IT Works  to “public”.   Memes, videos etc that show how religious the company is are tagged “friends only”.



This US-based distributor talks about it IT Works’ religious leadership here:



UK ITworks does not mention religion at all on it’s site.  New members don’t know about the religious aspect of the company.   We checked google and found very little about it online.   To be clear: we don’t have an issue with faith or faith-based companies, but we do have an issue with not telling people what they’re getting into.

We have to ask: WHY?  Why isn’t IT Works honest about this?