Is MLM training hypnotizing you? Read this.

“Mindset training” and “NLP” (neuro-linguistic programming) have been mentioned in many of our posts about MLM.  As we’ve covered previously, these are business and sales tools – ‘soft skills’ – that are not bad in and of themselves, but could be used for less than ethical purposes.  We loved Rebecca’s post about Mindset and MLM so, as she is a Mindset Coach herself, we decided to contact her and ask her a few questions about NLP & Mindset training.  Her website is here.


What is NLP/Mindset training?


Firstly, THEY are two different things.


NLP, neuro-linguistic programming, stems from studies aiming to demystify the art and science of excellence. The creators of NLP looked at a selection of very successful people who communicated, and studied what they all had in common. How do they communicate, where do they place their focus, how do they learn, how do they build relationships? From there they developed a series of surprisingly simple techniques to help us model the findings.


Mindset training or coaching looks at the beliefs you have about yourself and works on changing them until you are better able to reach your full potential. I describe it as getting your mind to work for you rather than against you, understanding that we have more choices than we are led to believe we have, that our intelligence and opportunities are not fixed. Basically I see mindset as empowering, removing limiting beliefs, and so handing back a whole lot of choice and control to my clients. The concept of mindset comes from the work of Carol Dweck, who researched what she called growth and fixed mindset.


However, I find that mindset has become a bit of a buzzword and I explain in the piece you linked to its limitations, especially in relation to MLM.  Read that piece here.


How do you learn it? 
Like anything else – you can buy books, training courses, study for qualifications if you like in NLP. And practice makes perfect.


Mindset is a little more “new”. I would advise starting by reading Carol Dweck’s book on the subject.


Can anyone learn it?


Yes, both mindset work and NLP techniques are beautifully simple.
I could confidently teach you a couple of techniques or concepts of each in a very short period of time.


How do people use it in sales?


NLP techniques can be used in many circumstances – as a coach I use it to help people communicate more confidently and also to reduce certain anxieties. I use the techniques more though as a way of helping me be a better coach – my NLP skills help me build rapport up with my clients and also help me “read” my clients more effectively – I can listen to what they say and what they don’t say in order to get a deeper understanding of where their issues lie.


NLP techniques are also used in sales, by most sales people whether they know it or not. Skilled users of NLP are able to quickly build up a rapport with almost anyone – and we buy from people we like. A sales person can also use NLP techniques to create pleasant associations with their products or services, tapping into what they pick up the client is looking for. Have you ever had a salesperson encourage you to visualise driving the car they are selling you, going into great detail? Or someone selling you a house inviting you to imagine yourself living there, painting you a picture of your new life? That’s NLP.


Skilled sales people also place themselves in a position of authority. Very subtley they will tip the balance of power in a conversation to favour them, and reduce the objections the client may have. They will pace and lead the conversation, rather than allowing the client to be in control. This sounds very sneaky, but most people who sell do this to a certain extent. But it is a skill which can be honed and perfected, making your selling irresistable. And NLP can help a salesperson get that skill.


Finally, for the purposes of this interview, the choice of language used in a sales pitch is really important. Sales “scripts” are developed by experts, paying great attention to the words used. In NLP we talk about “magic words”. There are also what we call “embedded commands”, which you probably won’t notice as being a command when you hear them, but they are designed to tap into your unconscious mind. Do you want an example? Don’t think about singing dancing crocodiles. (Did you just visualise a crocodile chorus?)


If we up the NLP skill level a little bit we can move on to the hypnotic use of language and tone. Have you ever found yourself almost zoning out during a sales pitch? Highly skilled users of NLP will repeat certain words or phrases, use specific key words and phrases repeatedly across the pitch and will speed up and slow down the speed at which they speak, changing the tone of their voice as they do it. In short, if you ever feel you have been hypnotised by a sales pitch then you aren’t going completely mad. They haven’t actually hypnotised you, or at least I hope not, but they have used certain techniques that hypnotists do use.


What about on video?


Yes, I would say that NLP techniques can be used on video. Perhaps not to the same effect as in person, as when watching a video it is easy to get distracted, or pause and come back to it.


Is there any certification required by government before you can use it?


No. Anyone can use NLP. When I was trained to use NLP I was also taught about the ethics surrounding it. Think of it as a scalpel – a tool that can be used to heal as well as harm. I don’t believe government regulation would be a good idea, and it certainly couldn’t be enforced. I would guess that any one of us use something that could be interpreted as NLP on a regular basis. Anyone that has any notion of sales, or who is naturally skilled at influencing others are most likely using something that could be described as NLP.


Using NLP in sales isn’t necessarily bad either – we have to be allowed to sell our products or services. It is when NLP is used to harm, to exert undue influence or to manipulate people that we step into a grey area. If I used NLP techniques to sell you a dodgy car or to recruit you into a Ponzi scheme, that would be unethical.



Yes, I think it is possible she felt as though she had been hypnotised but I doubt she was actually hypnotised. As I mentioned above some NLP techniques are based on hypnosis techniques (and vice versa) so a slight feeling of zoning out may have been linked to NLP. Perhaps the trainer used a specific tone of voice, or repeated certain phrases.

From what I know of hypnosis you need to be receptive to it, so I doubt you would unwillingly be hypnotised by a video. I am not saying it is impossible, but I think it is unlikely in this case.


 Thanks Rebecca, that’s very interesting.


“I”m £400 down and can’t see how on earth to make it back..”- An Ex-Bot from Neal’s Yard speaks





I was swayed by the promises of zero commitment, no sales targets and simply getting a bargain




NO MONEY in profit.  None.  The system is so complicated it’s near impossible to work out your incomings and outgoings…




I feel utterly embarrassed at being so gullible…




The upline focus is sell sell sell..




Below is a sheet that NY bots are supposed to use.   The idea is that they list every.single.person they’ve ever met with a plan to sell them on NY Organics.




We thank this informer from Neal’s Yard for coming forward and showing, yet again, that all MLMs are the same shite, just a different name.


UPDATED: Sneaky Bot Recruitment tactics, collected just for you!

You’re welcome.

  1. NU-Skin bot offers her friend a chance for a 45% discount!








Except she forgot to mention the bit where she signed up her friend, without her permission, as a new ‘business owner’ to Nu-Skin.


2. Bot pretends she works for an “agency” that “tests beauty products”.




3. Bot changes someone’s employment history on Facebook.





4. Bot hands out samples to nurses at the hospital where she is a patient.






5. These following 2 screenshots are from an actual Juice+ recruiting script.  Reeling them in, babes!






More to come, huns! xo

UPDATED:  a supporter just sent us this – bots adding people to FB groups without asking permission.   Including other bots.  Who don’t like it….




And here are the comments:






A few things –

*Women are forced into these tactics due to the pressure to recruit

*A pressure that is compounded by the fact they have to compete against ALL THE OTHER BOTS DOING THE SAME THING and selling the same MLM products (But it’s my own business!  No, it’s not.  You are being played.  STOP).

*”Skilled” network marketers tend to be the most skilled at: being photogenic, being charismatic, and being good at manipulating people into joining their team.   They are good at ‘attraction marketing’ because they are attractive and they have the resources to buy the blingy-shite so that everyone wants to be like them.   Think about it.  How many unattractive  people do you see at the top of these pyramids????

There is so much evidence of this out there we could go on and on posting screenshots for DAYS , huns.

Final thought: hang in there with your friend-turned-Bot.  IF they finally come to their senses, they’ll really need you, especially as they’ll most likely have been kicked out of their Bot “friendship” group.   When you do talk to them before they leave, try and bring their mind back to when you used to hang out together, having fun.  Remind them of their dreams before they were sucked into their MLM.  Don’t criticise their MLM, whatever you do.  It’ll just drive them deeper.

luv ya huns xo  We’re gonna get there, we really are.



UPDATE: ‘Be in a hurry…get off the phone’…how to manipulate people, MLM stylee

You’re sitting at baby group with your 6 month old, feeling a bit lonely, when someone approaches you with a baby in a sling.  

She smiles at you and you smile back, glad to make contact with another mum who seems to be friendly.  “I hope you don’t mind me approaching you”.  she says.  “I just love that outfit you’re wearing.  Where did you get it?”   You tell her and before you know it you’re chatting away.  She seems so genuinely interested in you and your baby.   You agree to have her call you the next day.  It’s going to be so great to get to know another mum in the same stage of life.

What you don’t know is that the whole thing was scripted, from beginning to end.   Her approach, the compliment she gave you, everything.  You are just the latest prospect for this MLM recruiter.  She’s building her downline and she needs more people like you to join.

One of the reasons we started looking into MLMs more closely was because we kept hearing stories like the one above from women unhappy about being targeted.  Now, thanks to our newest informer,  we have proof that Bots are taught these techniques as part of the strategy for MLMs like Forever Living to grow.





Remember Eric Worre? Another ex-bot talked about him here.


 I was told so many lies and was told to lie a lot






She counted how many numbers I had and told me to contact them






Our informer was promised she could work around her child, but found that in reality, she was expected to work more than full-time hours.




Below is a screenshot of her actual planner.  Green & blue coloured hours = time to be spent working on her business and prospecting in baby groups.





More scripts.










Part of the reason we’re posting this is to warn women they may be being targeted in baby groups and in NCT groups by MLM recruiters.    We will be dealing with the issue of NCT and the infiltration of MLMs in later posts, as we think it’s a problem that badly needs to be brought to light.

If you or anyone you know has any information you’d like to share with us about this kind of recruiting at NCT,  please either DM us on Twitter, message us on Facebook or email us at

UPDATE: our informer just send us this little gem she spotted in her newsfeed:




As we know, the claims in this advertisement are what sucked in our 2 informers, but then they discovered that the claims were not true.

Be wary, huns.