How to sell your MLM health products to everyone!!!!

Here’s the rule: you don’t have to prove anything you say is true.

At Timeless Vie we’ve learnt that you don’t have to prove anything you say on social media as long as you say it the right way.     This gives you lots of scope to make amazing claims about your products and mostly people just believe you, and if they don’t you can just block them or delete their comments etc.   Like for istance, did you know TV parsley capsules actually block fatcells from forming in your body?  So you can like, eat McDonalds every day and as long as you take a capsule before and a capsule after you’ll never put on ANY weight.  This is 100% true, isn’t it amazing? Also our products are amazing for diabetes, cancer and arthritis.  PM ME FOR DETAILS!!!!  #health #wellness #parlsey #mlm #bossbabe

Here are some inspirational examples from our fellow MLM bots:
Drink some tea and cure your sciatica!!!!!!!



FL royal jelly helps with everything ever that could be wrong with you and it’s all 100%  bullshit true and bullshit science




Drink some aloe, cure your arthritis!




Fire your doctor!  this bot can help you way more by buying all her products



This bot has been trained by a real doctor who is paid by Forever Living to cure you with aloe.


Did you know aloe blocks calories from being absorbed so you never get fat?  Neither did we, and neither did any other scientist in the world but what do they know?


Aloe helps with Autism! this is not bullshit at all



Forever living aloe also cleans cells of fat.  or something.  it sounds totally true.





Personally, we think parsley cures way more stuff than aloe.  Try Timeless Vie today!


80% fake lifestyle, 20% selling …this Bot nails it

To be good at selling the MLM “opportunity” on social media a Bot has to sell the lifestyle.

smiley bot with FL bottle
remember bots, SMILE right next to your product

The amazing, amazeballs fakey-pants lifestyle an MLM provides.

They know going “BUY MY PRODUCT NOW, OOH LOOK BUY MY PRODUCT, OOH LOOK” over and over again on FB turns people off. So, instead they focus on just  how amazing their life is since they joined [Herbalife, Juice +, Forever Living, {insert name here}] in photos  with carefully placed products.

It’s so important that Bots do this that it’s even part of their training:

fake it til you make it - 80% lifestyle, 20% selling
fake it til you make it – 80% lifestyle, 20% selling


Happily it also gives us some really entertaining photos.  Like this one:

BIG GREEN ALOE SMILE mlm scam forever living

thanks Bot!!!