Is Nuskin AP24 Tooth Paste as natural as it claims? Our ingredients expert weighs in

One of our viestars has had a lot of experience looking into product ingredients due to her health issues, and she’s agreed to help us out by analyzing some of the claims made by MLM products.  Thanks, M.P! Read on…


Nuskin AP24 Toothpaste.



Aqua, Hydrated Silica, Sorbitol, Aluminum Hydroxide, Glycerin,  Tetrasodium Pyrophosphate, PEG-12, Sodium Monofluorophosphate, Sodium Lauryl Sulfate, Dimethicone, Poloxamer 338, Poloxamer 407, Cellulose Gum, Sodium Sulfate, Sodium Saccharin, Sodium Oxide, Flavor, BHT, CI 77891, Limonene.


Here are the most common dangerous ingredients in NUSKIN AP24

Aluminum Hydroxide

Aluminum is a naturally occurring mineral. Aluminum hydroxide is an antacid.Aluminum hydroxide is used to treat symptoms of increased stomach acid, such as heartburn, upset stomach, sour stomach, or acid indigestion. Aluminum hydroxide is also used to reduce phosphate levels in people with certain kidney conditions.

CI 77891 – is the chemical name for Titanium Dioxide

Sneaky of Nu skin !! as most people with an allergy or skin irritant will only know it as Titanium Dioxide though it’s usually found in white paint. When added to toothpaste, titanium dioxide has the safe effect on your teeth as it does on walls – it keeps them nice and white (for a few hours, at least!).Which is where some people may see a whitening difference Ingesting titanium dioxide won’t hurt you, but it isn’t recommended  either

Sodium Lauryl Sulfate & Sodium Sulfate

Added as a detergent and cleansing agent, sodium laurel sulfate and its cousin sodium laureth sulfate pose a wide range of potential health risks. On its own, sodium laurel sulfate can damage eyes, irritate skin and lead to labored breathing. Can cause headaches, dizziness

In the cleaning industry, SLS is used in products such as garage floor cleaners, engine degreasers and car wash soaps SLS is used for clinical testing as a primary skin irritant. Laboratories use it to irritate skin on test animals and humans so that they may then test healing agents to see how effective they are on the irritated skin.

Also found in most shampoos including “no tears” baby shampoos, SLS can keep children’s eyes from developing properly, can cause cataracts in adults, can retard healing, and can impair hair growth.

 Sodium saccharin

is the solid form of the artificial sweetener saccharin.Saccharin is non-nutritive and is used to add sweetness to beverages and foods !!!

Now whilst you can find all of the above in other tooth pastes they are not claiming they will take you 5 shades lighter and are a fraction of the cost.

Personally as I have skin problems I won’t use anything with SLS & if you have any skin complaints at all I would advise you to check all your products.



After researching all of the above I decided to give some people a call enquiring on the NUSKIN tooth paste


1 – Beauty Salon


Girl on the phone said she didn’t know anything about the ingredients, but could guarantee it would whiten my teeth, I asked her shouldn’t she know what she was selling as I had looked at the ingredients and some were harmful, she said she would get the salon manager to call me back! Still waiting


2 – Beauty Salon 2


This salon claimed they were skin experts, spoke to the manager, who told me that they had has 100% positive feedback, I told her I had Eczema and other skin complaints, she assured me that the tooth paste would be safe, when I asked about the SLS – Sodium Laurel Sulphate being a well know skin irritant and is on the top 5 toxic ingredients and a skin expert she should know this, she then told me maybe the product wasn’t for me and hung up


3- Facebook

I PM ‘d a girl on Facebook asking how much the tooth paste was and the benefits, she told me that the cheapest way for me to get the product was to sign up to NUSKIN & then my friends could benefit to, I went back saying I just wanted to know what was in it, she sent me a full list of ingredients, no explanation, and again I could save 25% by joining her team. I didn’t reply for a day or two, but she messaged me both days asking if I wanted to be signed up and save me money and I could work from home and earn money Is this a pyramid scheme? – No its Multi-Level Marketing.

I asked her what training she had had from NUSKIN regarding product knowledge and what they were actually selling. She told me that they got full support, when I challenged her on the ingredients and sent the the dangers of SLS (Sodium Laurel Sulpahate) she blocked me!


21 thoughts on “Is Nuskin AP24 Tooth Paste as natural as it claims? Our ingredients expert weighs in

  1. Those same ingredients are in all whitening toothpaste. Just look at those ingredients. The non harmful ingredients in this product is what makes it so much better than commercial…just fyi


      1. I don’t know the ingredients really, but maybe the percentage of the components are very low versus the others, And maybe are so low that is really secure forma everybody. I think that your opinion is just as mediocre as those beauty salons selling these toothpastes


    1. But, the toxic ingredients are in there. Why would it be better? I represent a company that is toxic free. When, I see my competitors with toxic ingredients; I get upset. SLS causes kidney damage, disrupts DNA causing reproductive damage. It’s NOT OK.

      Liked by 1 person

      1. I know some NuSkin sales reps. They are “brainwashed”. I have discussed with them many times. They know little about the actual ingredients. They do know what NuSkin tells them inside and out. They are like a “cult” in my opinion. Very pricy products that they make huge claims about health benefits and anti-aging. Scary that the top guys are so rich and have an army of sales reps working so hard.


    1. thanks dr joe! whoever you are….that’s still not the point though is it? it’s not as natural as it claims. it has got harmful ingredients. be honest. admit it.


  2. How about you do a comparison on all toothpaste’s and not nitpick on just one as there are other toothpaste’s out there much much more “dangerous” as you are trying to discredit this company. I am sure the other toothpaste companies and all the stores selling them would love to see your so called “ingredient expert” discredit them. Have you contacted all the stores selling toothpaste to see if their employees are and “expert” like you? Also, let me know what major stores you contacted inquiring about the hundreds of stocked toothpaste they have! Since your source has supposed health issues, I am sure she isn’t able to use “any” toothpaste because of the so called dangerous ingredients. I have been around different MLM’s so I do my research as well for the reason I came to your page. You or your source appear to be the typical disgruntled MLM failure who will try to discredit a company. Oh, one thing, can you or your source show us credentials on being an “ingredient Expert”? I would love to see the certification(s)! Please enlighten us!


    1. The author is simply stating what she thinks and how she puts it together. Muslim makes a lot of money on convincing their sales reps to believe in their products. I think all you sales reps should question them and do the research before defending the product. I wouldn’t let my teenage kids use this product.


    1. So here you go for all who want a safe toothpaste. Baking soda, coconut oil, peppermint oil. Mix and voila! Abrasive, whitening , antiseptic, and breath freshening.


  3. I’m sure if you quizzed therapists using Dermalogica or any other branded products they would not be able to answer all questions on ingredients and their potential harm if any. This product is approved and legal to sell and has many great reviews. It is also about the quantities of said ingredients and the fact that toothpaste is not designed to not be ingested or applied directly to the skin which would illuminate many of these issues that have been raised. NuSkin has been in business for over 30 years in over 50 countries. These are great products designed to be sold by anyone, same as products being sold in many high street stores. Many are sold by qualified therapists as they see great results and like to give their clients products that work. Nuskin has 75 full time scientists working on their products they create a great income stream for many individuals. Scare mongering with unsubstantiated claims is not helping anyone. AP24’s RDA is between 70-80 which is considered low and is lower than a substantial amount of other branded toothpastes on the market and therefore YES it is safer……


  4. most of those ingredients that you have listed are harmful if you digest like all of the toothpaste!! if you had done your research you would see that other toothpaste such as Colgate or crest contain ingredients that can harm you as well if you were to digest a lot. you are literally just brushing your teeth and spitting it out I’m sure someone is not going to spend all day on the phone with a bunch of critics.


  5. I independently came up with the same suspicions as the author. I don’t think she is saying this tooth paste is the worst. But, since it is so expensive, it does provoke me more. There are all natural pastes with fluoride that contain healthier ingredients, if one wants that. I think the white teeth, tight body, shinny hair, etc is something the media has put into our heads and some things have too high of a price to pay to obtain.


  6. I am a registered dental hygienist. This product does not. I repeat DOES not whiten teeth more than their natural color. It is dangerously abrasive in hope of scrubbing off surface stain. Professional whiteners whiten from the inside out and must contain carbamide peroxide in prescription strength to do so. The only way to get this is through a licensed dentist. You can have irreversible damage to the enamel with this product and the surface stain will come back.


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