Have a look around you, on your Facebook walls, on other social networking sites, and have a think about all the bots you have ever come across.

How many of them are men?

I will bet that most of your bots are women – accurate statistics are hard to find in the shady dodgy secretive world of MLM, but our research conservatively estimates that somewhere between 75 and 85% of bots are women.

And that isn’t surprising. As we previously covered in this post the easiest targets for bots when they are looking to recruit, are women who are stay at home mums wanting to make some extra cash, or women who have recently had a child and would like to replace her paid employment with another source of income.

Bots are instructed to prey on these women in particular, pressing emotional buttons to make them feel bad about going back to work.   Read thisthis,

and this.

They use false statistics, such as 80, or sometimes 90% (depending on the “inspirational” meme du jour) of women earning 6 figures are doing so via network marketing. Hmm. We can take that one with a giant pinch of salt, and despite querying it again and again no-one has ever been able to back this up for us, other than by referring to a book in which it was written. (Because we should always believe everything written in books, right?)

They are telling women that they can easily make extra money (they start by saying a couple of hundred a month but soon ramp up the sales pitch) for just a few hours of work and spend the rest of that time with their precious children. And we know that is a lie.  Read this.


You shouldn’t be aspiring to full time or part time hours with a set salary, workplace benefits, a pension, a promotion ladder that actually doesn’t involve desperately spamming your friends and family.

You should become a #bossbabe, selling overpriced junk to other women and honing in on insecure women to recruit to your cause, with none of the advantages of being employed (guaranteed income, a certain amount of security, workers’ right etc) and all of the disadvantages – limited freedom, stress being piled on you by your boss, sorry, upline, and a good dose of bullying.

^^You get we are joking right?

We believe pyramid schemes, because we all know this is, in essence, what these organisations are designed to keep an awful lot of people right at the very bottom.

Watch this:




Or this:




The top feeds from the levels below, every level feeds from the levels below. And who is at the bottom of these schemes?

Predominantly women.

And who is at the top?

We haven’t been able to check every single MLM (seriously, have you seen how many of them there are now?) but other than Stella & Dot and Rodan & Fields we’re having trouble finding women at the top.

YES, some women have been successful in these schemes, and are held up as examples of successful women, women to aspire to.

But you have more chance of making similar money if you get qualified, get a job, get promoted or even draw up a business plan and start your own business. You can do all that. There is nothing wrong with being in paid employment. Nothing wrong with having a career and a family.

And ask yourself this: would anyone expect a man to pin his hopes on a multi-level marketing scheme?

The answer is no.

The MLM industry targets and exploits women. Almost every email we have received since we started Timeless Vie have been from women desperate to share their story with us. Very similar stories of having been sold a lie about a life of wealth and abundance, having been bullied, having lost friends and family, having gone into debt in certain cases, being encouraged to spend time AWAY from their children (they don’t tell you that when they recruit you). MLMs keep the vast majority of the women in their schemes unsuccessful, and actually limit their choices.

This is why MLM is a feminist issue.



3 spectacular updates on some of our fave social ”selling” companies: Younique, Forever Living, & Maelle

We’re folowing so many social selling companies at this point that we’ve decided to combine all the updates into one spectacular post.


1. Younique’s new charity – look! look over there! we help people

new charity

Their new charity is called “Defend Innocence”, and it’s ostensibly to help stop the sexual abuse of children.   Sigh.  Obviously anyone with a heart would be in support of that.

However, we have this question for Younique: if you want to do right by women and children, why don’t you provide those women (who often join to support their kids) the truth about a Younique presenter’s typical earnings?  So they don’t waste money they can’t afford and end up #lossbabes?




In the meantime, here’s a slideshow of some of the women trying to swap, sell, or get rid of their Younique stock.  #lossbabe


This slideshow requires JavaScript.


2.  Forever Living targets NCT groups

For non-UK readers, NCT is the National Childbirth Trust linky here.  It’s an organisation set up to help parents and new babies.

One of our supporters sent us this email from NCT – there’s a big-ass ad by a Forever Living bot in it.  Not that you can tell.  Strangely lacking in bottles of aloe, no?



The ad is deceptive as it’s not until you click on it that you realise that it’s advertising for a multi-level marketing company.

Holy crap NCT.  DOn’t you have any ethical standards for who can advertise?   As we’ve blogged previously, new mums are particular targets of MLMs and are vulnerable.  Start here.


3. Maelle mentors are excited about being at the top of the triangle, and hoping it’ll be better than Younique i.e. they’ll actually make money this time.

Life is gooooood in the triangularity.

(‘cept hmmmm.  They don’t even have any products yet. )






And on that note, I’m off to play with some lipstick and cheer myself up.


Is the ‘All Things Gorgeous’ Facebook page, set up for Maelle to find recruits, against Facebook rules? Let’s check it out…

Read our previous posts about Maelle here

And here.

Recap: We learned in our previous posts that Maelle had hired some social media companies to help it find 1,000 MLM bots before launch in October.   Their big plan was to start a Facebook “passion” page about makeup etc. to attract women.  They posted about cult makeup brands like Kylie Cosmetics, MAC, NYX etc, and in the “About” page, they said ” All Thing Gorgeous is here to inspire you to look good, feel good, and do good!” .

There are now over 120,000 makeup fans, who have liked this page……

and there is no mention ANYWHERE of the page being for Maelle.


Here’s the real story  of All Things Gorgeous from the social media co.  Brand Excelerator:



And here’s some of the Facebook Page rules we think this page might break:

Collection of Data

“All Things Gorgeous” is being used to look for leads for MLM Bots for Maelle.




No deceptive claims or content

Fans who like the page have no idea it’s actually so Maelle can recruit more bots.




You decide.

UPDATE: These words have now been added to the All Things Gorgeous page:”All things Gorgeous is a passio page sponsored by Maelle – a beauty company like no other etc”.  Still no mention it’s an MLM.  Still no mention they are using the page to recruit.





Read this: Victory Day over MLM Scams from the Lazy Man and Money Blog (oh please yes. yes)

“I just realized something, something that really never occurred to me before. We’re gonna win.” – Buffy the Vampire Slayer (Chosen)

Written by

We Win Cheers

Today’s article would have been published earlier, but there was a bit of an unexpected delay. Today isknown as Victory or VJ Day in Rhode Island. Rhode Island seems to be the only place that has it as a holiday, which left me a little surprised that there was no day care for my youngest son this morning. VJ Day commemorates the Allies’ victory over Japan during World War II. It’s hard to celebrate it considering the tremendous loss of life, but it’s undeniably an important place in American history.

I’ve been writing about MLM Scams for 8 or 9 years now. I’ve had thousands of conversations in the comments of the articles I’ve written.

Read more


READ THIS: Most Direct Sellers are women. We have the proof.


Assuming we can rely on Direct Sales’ Associations own data, that is.


united kingdom


We couldn’t find any stats on the UK DSA webpage but happily the EU DSA has them.

linky here

77% are women





USA DSA stats


77.4% are women





Australia DSA


75% are women





Canada DSA


91% are women



New Zealand


New Zealand DSA


69% are women



Still believe this isn’t a feminist issue?

Note: our campaign is against MLMs, NOT single-level direct sales companies.  However, most DSAs are made up of MLMs, hence our focus on their statistics.

We need a real, unbiased study that asks the tough questions: how much money do these female sellers, on average (don’t even start, top of the pyramid Shill Bots, we know you make money off your downlines)…. actually make in MLM, after expenses, success day tickets, etc?  No one really knows.  This is a huge number of women being potentially exploited.



We share a report from the Dark Ages of Direct Selling, 2004, before online shopping really took off. So why is this report still featured on DSA websites? And why were so few women surveyed? And just generally why?


Read this: International 2004 study on “direct sales”

link on NZ DSA


Nothing makes your industry look more legit than having academics study it.  It’s easy enough to do if your industry is willing to support them.




A couple of things.

The sample is very small, and doesn’t have enough women in it





You might be thinking: so what?  So what if there’s nearly the same number of men as women?   Well, we think it matters because most “direct sellers” are women and arguably so are most buyers.

Interestingly, the World DSA does not do a gender breakdown of sellers.  However, NZ, Australia, UK, and USA show similar breakdowns of women vs men – women are the majority of “direct sellers’, which means they are the majority in MLMs.  Feminist issue, y’all.

link to EU DSA info here


The internet has changed everything.



Take a look at the link and the screenshot below.  It’s from a report from the Direct Sales Association of NZ.

Code reports


We think the 2 complaints are very interesting and telling.   Telling, because they show how the internet has completely changed the game where MLM is concerned.   Read about Bots fighting over territory,  then click this, scroll down, and read about women trying to flog their unsold MLM shite online

We are not convinced there is an actual market for MLM products.  Don’t get us wrong, it’s pretty clear that MLMs rely less on actual sales to real customers than they do to forcing their recruits to buy to stay “active”…etc…but the ‘net makes it even harder for the odd ethical Bot to make a sale.   Why?  Other bots offloading stock at discount prices, and the sheer amount of competition from companies selling online.  Why buy an overpriced MLM lippy when you can buy it cheap on Amazon Prime?  And it’ll be delivered tomorrow?

Whatever sales model the MLM industry had, our guess is the internet has fucked it up big time.

The flipside of that is – the internet makes it really easy to reach potential victims and sell them on the dream of owning their own ‘business’ and ‘working around the kids’ and ‘yeah woman power etc’.   Ironic, no?  Which is why we keep demanding that government require MLM companies to tell the truth about how much $$ women can earn.


Where is the real data about MLMs?



We need real data about MLMs.  Not industry-sponsored, biased studies.  Where is it?




A note on the definition of “direct sales”.  Technically, direct sales includes door-to-door selling, Multi-level marketing schemes, and “party plans”.  In most cases in 2016, MLM companies make up the vast majority of ‘direct sales’ companies.  Maybe they should call it ‘direct recruiting’ instead?


5 Short Facts about Maelle

1. Maelle was set up in Utah, USA just 5 months ago.   For more info on MLMs and Utah, read this and this.



2. One of the founders used to work for Younique



3.  New “Mentors” (the name for the Maelle Bots) are being charged $10 EACH to meet the owners and see the products at a club in Salt Lake City, Utah.  So high-classy, no?




4.  It costs £59 or $89 USD to become a Maelle Bot. Bot Starter Kit #lossbabe.  They claim the usual things -it’s worth hundreds of pounds more!  The training is OMGface! etc etc.


5. It’s an MLM, just like all the rest.  We believe 90% of new Maelle Bots will be #lossbabes😦

Muthafeckin Maelle

We are never safe, huns.  We are never safe.   From fecking MLMs.

We go on the social media to chillax,  to talk to our friends, to maybe goss about some pretty nude lipsticks and smear some anti-aging cream on our faces or compare Micellar waters or nappy creams or whatever.  THAT’S ALL WE ARE DOING.  We don’t look to be stalked by MLMs, right, amirite?

This is your warning that a new one is planning to launch in October 2016 and will be bombarding your newsfeed, cos you’re it’s core demographic, soon.   It’s called Maelle.  Maelle does makeup, and we all know who the target audience for that is.   However,   Maelle done things a bit differently.  It has hired a social media company to create a fake campaign on Facebook called “All Things Gorgeous” to attract trap victims  women into it’s MLM.


This gives us the rage.


Maelle’s plan to target women (note, this page has now been taken down)

The slideshow below shows the screenshots we got off the removed page:

This slideshow requires JavaScript.




Maelle wants 100,000 “leads” = women to convert into MLM Bots.  And how do they plan to achieve this?


In other words, women who go to “AllThingsGorgeous” thinking they can chat about beauty etc don’t know that they are being prospected as possible leads for an MLM company.  Further more, the “About” section of the page gives no hint that fans are, in fact, being prospected this way: (screenshot of “About” section below):



We think this is unethical BS, especially by the social media companies working with Maelle.  SHAME.

We will not link to the page cos we don’t want to give them any more attention.

Maelle’s new Top Bots are currently pumping hard on the FB etc to build teams of peasants to suck money from. all under the guise of ’empowerment’ blah blah blah.   As we know, being the first in an MLM means you’re most likely to make money mo’money off your recruits, which is why they’re all so enthusiastic.   No one wants to be on the bottom of the triangle, right?  But the TOP…oh yes.

Allegedly Maelle has already got 531 Bots😦

Join my team, hun!



Maelle is mindblowing-er than all your other skanky MLMs, y’all




Also, Maelle loves all the little animals and bunnies and wouldn’t hurt anything, except the women they will exploit that is.    Also they love PETA.





However, when we went to the PETA and Leaping Bunny websites, here is what we found – well, we couldn’t find Maelle on any of them? HMMMM.

UPDATE: we have confirmation from Peta that they are cruelty-free, however Leaping Bunny has not confirmed.



More to come on Maelle.


Looking for a unique gift?Check out these gorgeous custom boxes

It’s Real Small Business Friday!

Today we introduce Ty Hapus , a small, family-owned company that produces beautiful boxes from reclaimed wood.



Ty-Hapus can be found on Etsy at the link above.

Helen and her partner Chris started the business by accident.  One day, Chris saw a vid on the ‘net about making items from pallet wood and decided to try it out with some old pallets they had left over.  He made 3 boxes and a table.  All the items sold quickly at a local car boot sale.

A local shop was so impressed by the quality that Chris and Helen were asked to supply it with more items, and they did that for a while.  Then, they discovered Etsy and opened their own on-line shop there.  They feel very lucky that their products have been so well received.  (In our opinion luck has little to do with it.  You provide a good product, people will buy it :)  ).

Says Helen, “it’s really helped our family out through some tough financial times and we are now in our 4th year of business.”

As with all Timeless Vie featured businesses, no vulnerable people were targeted or exploited in the creation of this business and Ty-Hapus is 100% MLM-free.


“I have started seeing more and more of my blind friends getting sucked in by MLMs”…Are MLMs targeting the disabled? New Ex-Bot Tell-All

Many thanks to this informer for stepping forward.




I’m blind, so I am by default, along with many other disabled people, unemployable to the average employer.




Like me, they’ve found the job market hostile and see MLMs as equal opportunity organizations.




As a rep you’re being told by your upline that every minute of every day is an opportunity to sell and recruit.






I had to hire a friend who had to help me resign as an FLP rep




MLMs are gaining momentum and if the situation don’t improve for disabled people, they may be lured in and lose money on a scheme…