Younique: “Saving Lashes, Changing Lives”?

But whose lashes need saving?

Facebook is awash with posts such as the one below about Younique’s newest campaign “Saving Lashes Changing Lives”:


It faintly echoes their August 2016 Kudos, which we debunked.

Now everyone knows we love a bit of number crunching here at Timeless Vie HQ, so we were particularly interested in the specifics of this campaign, namely the criteria and the reward on offer to presenters.

All you have to do to earn an exclusive Uplift necklace is:

  1. Sponsor three new presenters
  2. Sell seven “Lash Trios”

Sounds fair, right? Right?

To show you just how amaaaazing this promotion is, we’ve worked out the maths behind it all…

When somebody becomes a Younique presenter, they pay £69 for their presenter kit, so sponsoring three new presenters = £207 straight to Younique.

The “Lash Trio” (featuring lash serum, the new Epic mascara and the classic 3D fibre lash kit) retails at £60. Selling seven of those = £420 straight to Younique.


That’s a total of £627 going to Younique’s coffers in order to obtain the Uplift necklace. Surely this must be a pretty high-quality necklace to warrant such a sum?

Possibly not.

A quick Google search throws up a variety of Chinese wholesale sites selling very similar necklaces with free engraving on offer for as little as $7.01 (£5.34 as of 3rd August) each if ordered in bulk (which Younique have been no strangers to).

So, in total, that’s £627 – £5.34 = £621.66 going straight to Younique.

#TotesUplifting #WorthIt

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