In memory of friends & family lost to: Juice Plus, Herbalife, Younique, Forever Living, Stella & Dot, Nuskin, etc

light a candle for victims of forever living, juice plus, herbalife, nuksin, younique etc

In this post we’re taking a more serious turn.  We’re lighting a tea light to remember all the good people who’ve been lost to MLMs.

We started Timeless Vie as a piss-take, a way to try and draw people into talking about the issue of MLMs like Forever Living, etc.

Though we laugh – a lot – at the crazy shite bots come up with, there is an underlying serious message.

That message is this: THEY HAVE BEEN SUCKED INTO A CULT and it’s sad.   It’s not easy to get them out, and just as hard to see it happening and be unable to reach them.  So today, let’s remember all those bots who once were, or are, our friends and loved ones.

The culty-ness of MLMs includes:


*Claiming concerned friends/family are just negative haters etc.  This isolates your friend/family member from their true support network and keeps them controlled by the MLM.









*Like other cults, MLMs sell a utopian dream.  In this case, it’s the dream of financial freedom.  When a bot looks to her upline, she sees people achieving the dream.  Or does she?  We’ve found lots of evidence these people are lying.

Firstly, WATCH THIS:








but wait…the house is still for rent and sale so she wasn’t pipped to the post for it at all. HEY GIRL YOU CAN STILL GET THE HOUSE HUNNI XO  YOU’RE WELCOME






We have found many other examples of these kinds of lies.

Why you’ll lose money in an MLM

Faking it as an MLM Bot

Health product bullshit



*Your friend/family members’ language changes as they start turning into bots, and they also start posting inspirational memes on FB, etc, that they never would have before:



The screenshot below is from a FL presentation that shows how bots on Facebook use a prepared script to target people online:


seen a lot of this kind of post?  It’s not a coincidence.






It’s almost all scripted.  So if you think your loved one has changed, you are right.

Our main goal is to stop other people getting sucked in.  Unfortunately, once someone’s deep into an MLM it’s really freaking hard to get them back.

For more reading on the cult side of MLMs, please check out our Blogroll on the left sidebar.

But for now, let’s remember our lost friends, this day, the 17th January 2016.  May they all come to their senses soon and before they lose too much money.  And may we all be there for them to offer non-judgemental support – real support, love & hugs.

xo Timeless Vie


  1. Omg! Check your facts first before just making comments that you have absolutely NO CLUE about! Plenty of information out there to Google and make sure your facts are actually correct!! Laughing in the face of your actual blindness and dumbness!!
    Investigate the companies properly and fully, plus the certificates awarded to them!! Haters gonna hate!


    • Googling is a great idea but you won’t find what you think. You should definitely Google though.

      You are exploiting your friends and family to make money for your morally dubious up line.

      I really hope your friends and family are there for you when the bubble bursts.

      Liked by 3 people

    • We do investigate. The certificates are meaningless as they’ve been issued by associations set up by the directors of the MLMs.

      Emma Cooper funds her lifestyle through the money she got from selling her house. The castle she lives in is rented by FLP in order to brainwash people like you. She doesn’t own it (it’s still for sale now), and she never will as no mortgage lender will consider lending money to a self-employed person who has NEVER filed their accounts.

      All the information YOU will ever receive from your own MLM will have been carefully chosen in order to brainwash people like you. The info is not true, it’s not impartial, it’s designed to rope you in and yet you’ve fallen for it, hook, line & sinker.

      If you have any proof that what we are saying is not true, please do share it. Just make sure it’s impartial. If all you can say is ‘haters gonna hate’ without any credibly arguments, then I kindly ask you to FOTTFSOF & then FOSM.


      Liked by 4 people

    • Would you like to provide us with the correct facts then Alison? Back up your childlike response, stop name calling and make yourself credible.

      You have no idea how long this particular group of well-meaning people have been researching MLMs and how these organisations have affected people they care about.

      But of course, we’re all haters. Yep.

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    • Alison,
      You probably needed some extra money or were in an unhappy situation and someone close to you promised easy money and a way out of whatever problems you were facing. You have probably found that you are not making money. Friends and family will be trying to be supportive and help you get out. All you see is negativity though because that has been drummed into you time and time again.
      Do you find yourself thinking “I’ll make money soon, it’ll happen if I follow the plan”, “the plan must work, look at all those successful people who are really rich through FL”? You probably feel your failure is all your fault.


      You have been sucked in by a terrible organisation that doesn’t care for you, they want your money and your leads.

      We have done a lot of research on this subject and we really want it all to stop now so that people like you can return to normality and can stop pretending, being lied to and lying to others.

      And we want our friends back who have been changed by these companies.

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    • Can you please contact me about helping your cause. I have been following MLM for a year or so now and it’s time we stepped up this fight. It’s getting ridiculous.


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