Bot, MLM-bot

Person who joins an MLM and tries to get others to join their team/buy their products using samey language, memes, etc. You will know them as “distributors” (Forever Living) or “lifestyle coaches” (Forever Living, Juice Plus, etc) “Presenter” (Younique) “Stylist” (Stella & Dot). Same shite, different name.  They are both victims of the MLM and predators for the MLM.


Stands for “Multi-Level Marketing”.  The way bots/ companies like Juice Plus, etc try and pretend they’re legit.

Network Marketing

Another phrase these companies use ad nauseam.  It basically means “flog your products to all your friends and family”

Social selling or attraction marketing

What bots do on social media – hence all the OMG HUNS LOOK AT MY AMAZING LIFESTYLE posts, tweets, photos on Instagram etc.  You can tell someone is using attraction marketing by the following signs: They post images/claims of exotic holidays, fancy & expensive purchases, shopping bags, branded products, amazing homes, cars etc etc which they claim to have got via their extra income from the MLM.   In many many cases, we believe these claims are not true.


Our fancy Timeless Vie word for “bot”. Not real.   We jokingly call our supporters #VIEStars – know that it’s all in love, huns.


Generally used by Bots.  Means a friend, family member, or person who questions their MLM/ or their Bot-ness or does not believe in/will not be sucked into an MLM.   By calling these people haters, Bots are trained to ignore the people who actually have their best interests at heart.


The person who recruited a Bot into the MLM.  Will take a cut of the Bot’s sales/redirected spending.  The person who trains the Bot, leads the Bot, and who the Bot looks up to.


The Bot below you, the upline.

Mindset Training

How Bots are brainwashed.   We believe real mindset training is manipulated and subverted by MLMs to control Bots/lure them in/etc.  We want to be clear: we have no issue with real mindset training as practised by proper, qualified professionals.  What we do have an issue with is the kind of bastardized “mindset” training propogated by MLMs.

Note: if any of your friends or family members are currently Bots, try and keep the door open to them, no matter how annoying/changed they have become.    When/if they finally leave their MLM, they will need you.  They will be vulnerable and probably, deeply embarrassed.  Be kind.   We believe anyone can fall victim to an MLM.  We hope that by reducing the stigma of leaving an MLM we can make it easier for people to escape.  





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