Ariix’s doctor lost his license for mis-prescribing drugs, Ariix seller appears to targets cancer patients, and other stories

As you all know, babes, there’s a new MLM coming to town called Ariix.  We r totally and 100% loyal to our BFF Forever Living, but Ariix is so new, so shiney, sooooo…iii’ey that we rilly rilly rilly want to be their friend.

But before we commit,  we just wanted to do a wee bit of digging and see what we can find out about Ariix and some of the characters involved in it.

Dr Alan E. Organ appears to be the doctor associated with Ariix.




BUT hmmm…looks like this doctor had lost his license to practice medicine in the past:


Dr Organ – case against him by Board of the Healing Arts, Kansas, USA



And he went bankrupt before that:


Dr Organ’s medical practice goes bankrupt

UPDATE: Wow, that was fast.  The link above has ALREADY BEEN TAKEN DOWN since we last checked it 2 hours ago.    Note; the bankruptcy was around 1998 and in Kansas – closed due to unpaid debts and patients were scrambling to get their medical records.    If anyone has any further information on this, feel free to contact us at

UPDATE TO UPDATE: found this:








No judgement here.  Stuff happens, and we can’t imagine being around all those lovely pills all day and not want to snaffle up a few ourselves, especially if we were under stress or coping with other difficulties.   Abuse/misuse of drugs by health professionals is not uncommon.  Nor are financial problems.


Doctors addicted to drugs


What’s  more concerning is that by lending his name to Ariix product testimonials, Dr. Organ makes them appear medically and scientifically proven and safe.  And Ariix sellers already seem to be targeting patients in the UK...check this out:




The Grove Hotel mentioned in this invite is this place:



It’s a retreat for cancer patients and other life-limiting illnesses.

These are vulnerable people.

The kind of people who might be desperately looking for a cure or help with their illness.

The kind of people who might be willing to fork out for this:




or (insert name of product here).

Bot Watch is currently checking into whether Ariix has a license to sell products for health concerns.  Check out her previous blog on why Forever Living don’t sell products for health purposes.

We’ll let you know what she finds out.




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