Body Shop at Home…”well known brand, what could go wrong”…an ex-Bot speaks.

Our latest informer has come forward to tell us a depressing, and familiar, story of poor treatment and loss of money in an MLM.   This time, it’s Body Shop at Home.


In January I was approached to be a manager to do this I needed 5 recruits…


Remember the “power of 5”?  We learned about it in this video about Younique (from 0.21 on).





My father got ill and was diagnosed with terminal cancer…I was late with my figures and I was left an awful message from the area manager…




There were conferences to attend I chose not to go as couldn’t afford the £35 a ticket and the hotel.




Once I had finished body shop I can honestly say I was around £500 out of pocket




We’re glad she had the bravery to say no and leave “Body Shop at Home”.  We’re sad about what this company has become.


  1. What a load of rubbish. It very clearly states in the career plan what is expected of you as a manager, this includes attending once monthly meetings and twice yearly conferences. Not to mention the fact that regional managers don’t come anyway near earning off area managers as they are so deep down in the system. Inexperienced ex consultant messaging an equally inexperienced website with no knowledge of the company or the career plan

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  2. I’ve been with the body shop at home for 18 months and I am definitely not out of pocket. I make £50-£300 a month after costs are deducted and I can assure you my upline managers are fab even when I have quiet months.
    I know people who have won the big trips and I know people who are making £1000+ a month.

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