“It was when my son said the way I was talking was like a cult that I came to my senses” – a new ex FL Bot speaks.


I had been told of the benefits for allergies for animals and was looking for a natural way to help my dog




The more training videos I was watching the more I wanted to watch them




After my son had mentioned ‘cult’ I started to think about how I was feeling and could only relate it to when I had hypnotherapy years ago




I’ve lost £400 in 3-4 weeks




I am a nurse, middle-aged and consider myself to be a pretty strong character but I got pulled into something that certainly is not a business opportunity and in my opinion is a cult type organisation.




A note about neuro-linguistic programming.  It’s a good tool and can really help people with issues they may need to work through, but like any tool, it can be used unethically in the wrong hands.  Ethical users of hypnosis and NLP would always seek a person’s permission before putting them into such a state.   Unethical users will not.

Please also read the excellent post about Mind Set training here: We love this blog about Mindset Training (and also MLMs). Please Read.

FYI: We have also received a huge dump of FL training documents from an informer, including information used by FL bots to sell products to pet and animal owners, as well as veterinarians.  Stay tuned huns xxx



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