Watch this video, #VIEStars! How not to lie to your recruits

All we can say is – if you’re going to say one thing on one vimeo and one thing on another vimeo, you might want to keep your story straight.  Do not be like this bot.

Remember, #VIEStars: the way you get recruits sucked into to join Timeless Vie is by pretending they can earn big dollah working 10 hours a week around the kids.   Don’t ever tell them the truth, that you have to work 24/7 and even while in labour.  Don’t be like Emma.  Be like a #VIEStar.  Be smart with your lies.  luv ya huns! xo


Emma Cooper contradicting herself






8 thoughts on “Watch this video, #VIEStars! How not to lie to your recruits

  1. Can’t decide if I want a six figure income, or a multiple six figure income. Decisions decisions.

    Emma, if you’re a multi-millionaire, why do you rent your home! Wouldn’t a business professional who had achieved total financial freedom be investing in assets for the future? A couple of rental properties here, share portfolio there, children in private school….

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    1. Oh and note that when she says “like me, earning a six figure income” Emma Cooper shakes her head subconsciously. This subtle body language shows she is lying. Her mouth says one thing #LiarBot and her body tells us the truth

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  2. I just love the bit where she says “get rid of ur kids” Ive been wondering where I was going wrong with signing up new #parslaipals! So inspirationulz, I cannot wait to palm my my #minihaters off on someone else and truly grow my #parslaiempire woop woop… I will get that dream rangerover… Nothing can stop me now!

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