Just launched with Jamberry? Wanna know how much u will earn? READ THIS.


In honour of the UK launch of Jamberry today, we put together this little post showing how much a Bot is likely to earn in a year.

Did you know that in Canada, MLMs have to fess up about how much a “typical participant” i.e. your ordinary, average Bot – is likely to earn?

Unfortunately the UK doesn’t seem to have the same concern about it’s citizens, but here’s what we did to give you a rough idea.

We took the Jamberry Comp Plan for Canada – (hard to find, TBH.  We’re sure that’s not deliberate…)

Jamberry Comp Plan

Pulled out the “Typical Participant’s Earnings” statement:



Here’s the actual numbers in more detail:




Then we threw the numbers into a currency converter run by the Bank of Canada:




So, the lowest typical earnings is £19.34 a year.   Wahoo!  we be rich huns.  Well, in the 15th century, maybe.


Let’s convert the highest typical earnings into pounds, cos we are a superstar Jambot “Consultant” and we have successfully guilt tripped most of our friends into buying:



The highest amount we are likely to earn is £536.24 A YEAR.

536 quid.

But wait!

you have to buy a certain amount of Jamberry nailthingies to stay active in Jamberry.  How much was that, again? Want to pay £600 a year for nail stickers? Jamberry is looking for recruits!

£600 pounds.  You have to make sure to buy at least £600 pounds a year of nailwraps to stay active in Jamberry.


Let’s pretend you are a super awesome Consultant and make £536.24.

£600 –


= -£63.76


Well, we’re convinced.  Sign us up!


PS. Does anyone in the UK government give a rat’s ass about this?

Of course we think MLMs should be illegal, but if the government is not going to do that, maybe they could at least force MLMs to put their typical earnings front and centre so that people know what they are REALLY signing up to.  Are we crazy?  Are we crazy dreaming of this?  A nice big sign on Jamberry’s website saying “most consulants will lose money in our plan”.

It’ll never happen, cos no one would sign up, and that’s apparently what the UK governmeent wants.

We will keep dreaming.


PPS: here’s a jokey video we just made about TV nailwraps launching today!


  1. I will be sharing this in the hope that it can protect a fb friend who has one of these Jamberry people as a friend and launched her ‘business’ at 6pm tonight. I think my friend is far too clever and has a lot of nous but still, no one is safe really if they don’t realise the terrible truth about MLM: that actual income (before expenses and monthly mandatory qualifying purchases) is very, very low.

    Thanks for posting this valuable information, TV. We need to get the figures for other MLM companies who are preying on UK citizens and do the same, but I realise that it is extremely difficult as they are very coy about publishing the information that we can properly analyse.


  2. Yes. At the very least the British people deserve true, accurate, easily accessible information about income from these MLMs so they can assess the ‘opportunity’ properly.


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