VALENTUS. We give you the skinny on this allegedly ‘skinny’ coffee.

The Ugly Decaffeinated Truth



Most of us by now will have had the misfortune to encounter one or two of the Valentus crew.  Goals are being #smashed, promotions #nailed, babes being #boss.  Although allegedly in ‘pre-launch’, the product is out there and teams are growing at an enormous and frankly frightening & unsustainable rate.  So we thought it was time to take a good look at Valentus – at the company, the product and the compensation plan and to try to get to the truth behind the over-excited Facebook ‘lives’, the ‘Double Diamond’ promotions, the blurred-out bonuses and the TOTES AMAZEBALLS weight loss products.


Let’s start with the Company:


It launched in 2014 and the CEO is Dave Jordan, a network marketing veteran who has clearly honed his skills in a number of MLMs, usually moving on to the next just before companies have folded.  Timing is everything, people!  Dave is a expert in lead-generation and recruitment tactics, which is why it is hardly surprising that Valentus is all about recruitment.  Bots talk about Valentus being an ‘established, global business’ but facts about the real size & reach of the business seem pretty hard to find.



The Product:


The star in the Valentus universe is the Prevail SlimRoast Coffee.  It’s a coffee that you drink to make you lose weight.  Cards-on-the-table time: I loathe weight-loss gimmicks like this.  MLMs deliberately target the things most women are socially conditioned to want most of all: friendship, health, beauty and most of all, weight-loss.  Almost every MLM has some kind of weight-loss programme that they use as a hook.  These are generally unproven, short-term, unsustainable & unhealthy, both for the mind and for the body.  And yet we want to believe that just by sipping a cup of magic coffee every day we will miraculously turn into Kate Moss and be so much happier and more valued as a human being.  Anyone selling these kind of false promises and trading on the pressure women are already under to look thinner/younger/more beautiful deserves a special place in feminist hell.


Anyway, having got that off my chest, let’s look at the SlimRoast claims & reality.  Here’s the Valentus claim:


Formulated with natural appetite suppressants, feel good ingredients and detox components SlimROAST is a great addition to your weight management program. Not only will you find managing your weight with SlimROAST will produce exciting results, but you will love the taste of this delicious Italian dark roast coffee.


Now let’s turn to a qualified Nutritionist to debunk some of that.  It’s worth reading all of Abby Langer’s review as she tears the claims to shreds ( but here’s a few highlights:



Valentus SlimRoast has zero research proving it works. Testimonials don’t count.


SlimRoast contains mostly unproven ingredients that likely don’t work – together, or separately – to promote weight loss.


It’s pretty physiologically impossible to take a supplement and lose weight just from that, without any changes to your diet or activity. So testimonials that make that claim are probably not legit. I promise – when scientists find the magic ingredient that makes people lose weight while they sit on their ass, I’ll let you know. For now though – you’ll need to do the work. Sorry!


Compensation Package:


‘Eeeeeek!  It’s the best compensation package of any MLM EVER!’


Claims like this combined with blurred-out photos of allegedly ENORMOUS 5 & 6-figure incomes certainly implies that within a very short space of time you will be raking in the money.


Here’s the nasty truth.  Once again, it’s all about recruitment and about the bot being the customer.


  1. Success depends on bots committing to a monthly auto-shipment of product and in turn recruiting others to do likewise
  2. You cannot progress without signing up to automatically buy over £100 worth of product per month and building a team of other people doing likewise.
  3. You also get paid an additional commission bonus for every new member you sign up
  4. There is minimal information about retailing on the Valentus website and little reward for retailing in the compensation plan. It’s all about autoship and recruitment.


Massive red flags here: this emphasis on autoship/recruitment places Valentus on very rocky ground.  In fact, people have analysed the Valentus compensation structure and found it almost identical to Vemma’s – that’s right, the ‘Energy Drink’ MLM that was condemned as a pyramid scheme by the FTC because of its emphasis on recruitment/autoship.  Bar a small handful at the top, most affiliates lost money in Vemma.  Read this for more information on the Vemma case:




Stay away.  Don’t touch with a 10-foot pole.


This is a pyramid scheme with very little pretense to even try to dress it up with product & retail.  It’s growing rapidly in the UK right now but unless you are one of the top bots, you’ll be paying in your £100 per month and losing money (but not the promised weight!).


If you need proof that is a pyramid scheme, we have a recording of one of the top UK bots in a Facebook Live actually stating that you don’t need to sell product at all to succeed.  This is illegal.  This makes Valentus a full-on, undeniable pyramid scheme.  Like all such schemes, one of two things will happen:


  1. The authorities will catch up with Valentus, fine it and shut it down.
  2. The scheme will collapse.


Either of those end-games are bad news for 95% of scheme members.  They will lose their money.  And those at the top who are boasting about their wealth and recruiting more people in everyday are both immoral and –  in some cases – breaking the law.


We’re watching you, Valentus.


    • There is an amazing company out there, you just have to look for it. It’s always there, just people never take notice


  1. Its very hard to change a mind that has been brain washed. Its plain and simple its a pyramid scheme. But the brain washed people believe there all going to become rich from Valentus
    but in fact Valentus will drain them each month. Bernie Madoff would be very proud of Valentus.


  2. Firstly..thank you for YOUR insight and opinion…as in life we are all entitled to one.

    I have a question…what is a pyramid scheme? Would it be similar to a say church tithing? Where parishioners, (independent reps), give money in little white envelopes weekly, (autoship), with the promise of better times ahead for the church, ie: building improvements or helping out those in need, as long as everyone sticks together for the greater good….all the while we never really know what happens to the money..yet the minister is living high in the hog?? Or the bank president making way more then a teller could ever make? Is that what a pyramid is? Just checking.

    I don’t mind reading blogs/opinions as long as they are based on facts…all the facts…and not just a limited, ignorant, (which means lack of knowledge), ego boosting review.

    Yes Valentus is a MLM….part of the $178Billion dollar industry that exists today….bigger the the NFL or the Movie industry. MLM’s were created…(as were infomercials), get good products out to the consumers, at a reduced cost in marketing…in return paying bonuses to those that do so. Have there been bad MLM’s?..Yes…Have they been shut down? Yes…Has legislation been put in place to regulate and catch those that don’t abide by it? Yes.

    Bottom line is that not everyone will be in an MLM…but for those that are…be sure to do your homework…be a part of something that has good training…a good culture…a good comp plan…good products….good leadership…and heart. If is has these elements..then give it a try….but it is NetWORK Marketing…not get rich quick marketing. Unfortunately many listen to those who got in…did nothing…got out, and then bitched about it being a scam, when in reality they never even tried. It would be like going to University..getting a degree in teaching..then getting a job..but you’re late everyday to don’t teach your students…etc…and you get fired..then you go around bad mouthing not only your former employer, but the university where you graduated from as well…when in reality your success lied within your hands.

    Just because a friend or a family member decided to be part of an MLM and get excited about doing something different or better for themselves, and are passionate to want to share it..doesn’t make them an any less valuable member in your life….it’s called agreeing to disagree.

    Do you really write blogs about every person out there doing something you disagree with or just don’t understand? Wow..if you do…then I am sad for you…..It’s life, we can choose not follow people on FB or social media, if we really don’t like what they have to say…we can have an adult conversation with people about not wanting to have their mlm excitment be a part of the daily interactions they may have with you..there are lots of ways to deal with what you don’t like or understand…but bashing it on social media makes you a part of the problem and not the solutions.

    It really is not the end of the world if someone wants to go out and do something a little more, or different to earn some extra money and get ahead in life…as long as they are not truly hurting anyone…then I have to ask…”What is the big deal?”

    *just an FYI, in future please base your blogs on actual investigative facts and not just google searches…and please note, respectfully, you got a number of them incorrect in your above blog.

    Its not 3rd world problems it’s network marketing….Peace Out.😙


    • Thanks for commenting. Please feel free to share the rigorous scientific studies that Valentus has undergone, with links to the published articles in reputable journals like the BMJ. Thank you.

      Please also share any studies by independant economists etc on the Valentus business model confirming that it is not a pyramid scheme.



  3. I have used these products for 4 full months and although not rich ive managed to share with others and get resukts of losing 30lbs plus feeling Great looking Even better also although purchasing each month to remain as an IR im still in the green financially and have not spent a penny on products and i only signed up 8 total Reps yes people who sign up others are making big money but i have not changed my diet i just crave to eat less, i also have more energy and have elevated mood and feel great Im a Nurse and would reccommend these Amazing Products staying healthy fit and helping others experience this new Lifestyle Change affordable and feeling Great to anyone I LOVE i am living proof that with very little change to diet and no added exercise required i have fantastic results, before you lie you should actually try your products that your critic of my weight loss Lifestyle and fact i crave no alcohol plus much more added pluses and there is real caffeine also in the product which is why we are an award winning product this is silly and its not pyramid its binary for you can actually enrol and make more money than who signed YOU up in the start also 7 ways of getting paid and blood work results proving that the product literally changed their numbers! Everyone has ability to build their own team as well get your story right hunni


  4. You certainly do not know what you are talking about, so why utter junk from your mouth. Do you not have anything better to do than to black mouth successful companies !??? !!! Get a life !!!!


  5. The main concern here is not that it’s another piramid scheme, it’s yet another crap product that is stealing people out of their money !! It is worthless ! Lies !


  6. While you were sleeping!

    Valentus counterclaim alleges raiding, extortion & RICO violations

    May.02, 2017 in

    Yesterday we covered a lawsuit filed by Valentus’ former SlimRoast coffee supplier, alleging they were owed $3.18 million dollars.
    In response to the lawsuit Valentus mostly denied the accusations.
    They also filed a counter-claim of their own, which alleges their former
    supplier Advanced Laboratories International
    engaged in a deliberate and calculated campaign to
    misappropriate Valentus’ goodwill, raid its distributors, and destroy
    its business.
    Valentus’ counter-claim has also dragged Vitae Global into the fray as a named counter-defendant.
    Vitae Global is tied to Advanced Laboratories through owner Louis Volpe. Volpe is a co-founder of Vitae Global, who sell a coffee product (not unlike Valentus’ SlimRoast) supplied by Advanced Laboratories.
    According to Valentus’ counterclaim, Advanced Laboratories began supplying them with SlimRoast around March, 2015.
    Valentus allege the March, 2016 contract in question Advanced Laboratories’ lawsuit relies on, gave the company ‘until May 2017 to purchase the coffee‘.
    The supply contract also stipulated
    Advanced Labs was not authorized to manufacture any
    product in excess of, or in addition to, the product specifically
    ordered by Valentus.
    Valentus claim this agreement was broken and accuse Advanced
    Laboratories of manufacturing and selling SlimRoast in addition to what
    Valentus ordered.
    Advanced Labs and Louis Volpe have intentionally and
    secretly manufactured excess SlimROAST for the purpose of selling it at
    significantly reduced rates both abroad and in the United States to both
    the consuming public and Valentus’ independent representatives.
    Upon information and belief, Advanced Labs and Louis Volpe have used
    the Italian dark roast coffee in manufacturing the unauthorized
    Valentus allege this was done to undercut their own sales of SlimRoast, diverting business away from the company.
    This was done with the aid of former Valentus affiliates, who were part of Vitae Global’s launch earlier this year.
    Advanced Labs and Louis Volpe have conspired with a
    number of former Valentus independent representatives to form and
    operate a competing

    company, Vitae Global, and to market and sell a competing product referred to as “Lean Java Bean.”
    Upon information and belief, these former Valentus representatives
    include, but are not limited to, Jane Gallenero Lee, Steven Michelluci,
    Angela Foreman, and another entity owned and controlled by Louis Volpe,
    Team Success, LLC.
    Research reveals that in February, 2016, Louis Volpe was a Double Diamond ranked affiliate in Valentus through Team Success LLC.
    Valentus claim Volpe and his Team Success conspirators raided Valentus to form their own company.
    These parties have conspired to misappropriate Valentus’ business, reputation, and goodwill by
    (i) soliciting and raiding Valentus’ network of independent
    representatives, and recruiting them to join their competing company;
    (ii) making false and deceptive claims regarding Valentus and its business;
    (iii) inducing Valentus’ representatives to breach their agreements with Valentus;
    (iv) continuing to traffic in counterfeit and unauthorized SlimROAST® as a means to undermine Valentus’ business; and
    (v) marketing Lean Java Bean solely based on the reputation and goodwill of Valentus and SlimROAST.
    This began with the offloading of manufactured SlimRoast in late
    2016, for less than half the retail price Valentus was selling it for.
    Valentus claim what was being sold was unauthorized product.
    Jane Lee is a friend and close business associate of Louis Volpe.
    At least as of October 2016, Jane Lee began offering and selling
    unauthorized SlimROAST in bulk quantities at $28.00 per box (less than
    half of the Valentus retail price, and less than the price at which
    Valentus representatives could purchase the product themselves).
    Upon information and belief, Advanced Labs and Mr. Volpe manufactured and distributed the unauthorized product to Ms. Lee.
    Ms. Lee continued trafficking in large quantities of unauthorized SlimROAST manufactured by Advanced Labs and Louis Volpe.
    Steven Michelucci, another associate of Mr. Volpe, has also
    distributed and sold large quantities of unauthorized SlimROAST in
    furtherance of the conspiracy.
    In or about December 2016 and January 2017, Mr. Michelucci posted on
    social media that he was selling “large quantities” of SlimROAST, and
    that he was offering the product at less than ½ the retail price and
    “much lower than wholesale including shipping!”
    In March 2017, Mr. Michelucci confirmed that he has obtained hundreds
    of boxes of SlimROAST, and is continuing to distribute and sell the
    product at discounted rates.
    Upon information and belief, the Counterclaim Defendants are also trafficking in unauthorized SlimROAST through Team Success.
    Whether Advanced Laboratories manufactured excess SlimRoast with Valentus’ unfulfilled order is unclear.
    The Counterdefendants have unlawfully sold, or caused to
    be sold, large quantities of unauthorized and counterfeit SlimROAST to
    Valentus’ independent representatives and the consuming public.
    Valentus allege the affirmative while Advanced Laboratories deny the allegations in full.
    In addition to offloading unauthorized SlimRoast, Valentus infer discrediting the company was part of Vitae Global’s launch.
    In or about December 2016, Vitae Global and Mr. Volpe
    held a group sales call to promote Lean Java Bean for the purpose of
    raiding and cross-recruiting Valentus’ representatives.
    Mr. Volpe directly participated in the call.
    During the call, Vitae Global also engaged in false and deceptive
    practices by conveying that Valentus would be going out of business and
    would be unable to continue paying its representatives.
    Vitae Global filed its own answer to the counterclaim on April 21st and also deny Valentus’ allegations.
    With respect to the alleged breach of contract, Advanced Laboratories
    maintain that outstanding payment for the first lot of SlimRoast boxes
    would be made upon delivery of the second lot of boxes.
    Valentus claim Volpe began demanding payment before that took place.
    On November 12, 2016, Louis Volpe started sending threatening and extortionate text messages to Mr. Jordan.
    Without having any basis to do so, Mr. Volpe demanded that Mr. Jordan
    immediately purchase a remaining container of Italian dark roast coffee
    for $356,000, citing the March 2016 agreement.
    Mr. Volpe contended that he had surreptitiously recorded telephone
    conversations with Mr. Jordan, and would release the recordings unless
    Mr. Jordan immediately made payment.
    Mr. Volpe represented that he had recorded one such conversation the prior evening.
    Mr. Volpe stated that if Mr. Jordan did not wire the money, he would
    post the conversations on social media, including “a taped conversation
    everyone gets to listen too.”
    Mr. Volpe claimed there would be hundreds of people on social media
    talking about the recordings, stating “All on social media,” “You
    [****] up big time,” and “get the wire made I will go away.”
    Mr. Volpe further stated, “I am going to my office now to send you an
    invoice and if that transfer is not here by Tuesday morning for approx.
    $356,000 with shipping. Then I am doing what I said I was going to do.”
    In contrast to Advanced Laboratories claims, Valentus claim they tried to purchase ‘the remaining Italian dry roast coffee (but) … they refused to sell the coffee‘.
    Valentus allege this was because Advanced Laboratories was busy using
    the coffee to manufacture Vitae Global’s Lean Java Bean product and
    unauthorized SlimRoast.
    Advanced Labs and Volpe then filed the instant suit in bad faith, falsely claiming Valentus breached the March 2016 agreement.
    Valentus’ counterclaim accuses Advanced Laboratories, Vitae Global and Louis Volpe of
    attempted extortion (Volpe)illegal wiretap or recording (Volpe)trademark infringement (all counterdefendants)false association/unfair competition (all counterdefendants)RICO violations (all counterdefendants)trademark counterfeiting (all counterdefendants)unfair competition (all counterdefendants)intentional interference with contractual relations (all counterdefendants) andbreach of contract (Advanced Laboratories)
    Looking at the original complaint and counterclaim, it seems to me a
    strong focal point is whether Advanced Laboratories was manufacturing
    SlimRoast without permission.
    If so, then whether that was what former Valentus affiliates (who are
    now Vitae Global affiliates) and Team Success (which for all intents
    and purposes is Louis Volpe) were offloading.
    Advanced Laboratories claim Valentus informed them they would not be purchasing the outstanding coffee in December, 2016.
    Valentus’ claims of counterfeit SlimRoast being manufactures predate
    this. And if they can prove Vitae Global’s Lean Java Bean went into
    production using the Valentus coffee, prior to the exact
    date they informed Advanced Laboratories they wouldn’t be purchasing,
    that’s a big chunk of the case in their favor.
    Either way I can’t see Vitae Global pulling out of this. Volpe seems
    to have created Vitae Global to compete directly against Valentus with a
    near-identical product.
    There appears to be plenty of recorded evidence of raiding taking
    place, so I can’t see that side of the counterclaim going in Advanced
    Laboratories’ way.
    Then there’s the RICO stuff, which introduces a criminal element to the case.
    As of today’s publishing date, the last entry on the case docket is Vitae Global’s April 21st counterclaim response.
    Stay tuned…

    Update 16th May 2017 – As per a May 3rd order, a tentative trial date has been scheduled for December 3rd, 2018.
    behindmlm .com/companies/valentus-counterclaim-alleges-raiding-extortion-rico-violations/


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